• psychometricTest
    An Assesment That Illuminates Your Path
  • psychometricTest
    An Assesment That Illuminates Your Path
  • psychometricTest
    An Assesment That Illuminates Your Path

Embracing a career that best suits your personality and talents from the ocean of choices out there can be quite overwhelming. Especially if you are a young mind who is clueless with regards to your skills, abilities, aptitudes, and your strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to selecting a career, some pupils follow their hearts while others fall into parental influence and peer pressure. Although stepping into a field that doesn’t match your skill set could adversely affect your career, leading to distress and regret.

If you are uncertain about the path you want to pursue then taking a psychometric test can aid you in your decision-making journey. This test is exceptionally beneficial for children from Class 8 to Class 12. As human beings, this is the phase where children develop new perspectives and attitudes towards their life and what they study. And get a clear aspect regarding their interests, aptitude, and personality.

What is a Psychometric Test?

A psychometric test is a process to define and measure people and their talents. By answering a meticulously curated questionnaire, the test allows us to recognise one's talents, intellect, skills, capabilities and even unveil the hidden gems concealed beneath them. The questionnaire is drafted with topics like numerics, reasonings and social responsibilities to interpret the student’s physical and mental state and their conditioning.

When taking the trail to your career, being true to yourself and choosing a career you are in love with is crucial as our career plays an important role in our career. When taking the psychometric test, being true to yourself and taking the test without keeping any prejudices in mind or any fear of judgement is essential as only then you’ll acquire the most accurate results specific to the student's individuality.

Here is a sneak peek into the benefits of psychometric testing

Efficient mapping of skills

Grasp their strengths and weaknesses better

Understand the capabilities

Gauge the personality type, behavioural traits and potentials

Measure stress-managing abilities through their EQ

Get a deeper insight into their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills

Make satisfying career decisions in the long run

Help you narrow down to the best-suited specialization

Help you narrow down to the best-suited specialization

Get an imprint of the traits for better decision-making

Who's it for?

The world is constantly changing at a fast pace paving the way for more and more emerging courses. In a sea of choices, listing and finding out what you aspire can be quite challenging. Rather than being swept off by the waves of the latest trends, psychometric tests can help you in stride towards making a life-changing decision. A psychometric test is a well-designed scientific tool created to help you discover more about yourself and give you a glance into your skills, talents, abilities and the fields you might excel in. But exactly who’s it for? Who can benefit from taking the test?


8-10 Students

Uncover Character Traits

Discovers the hidden talents

Measures the IQ and EQ of the Pupil

Evaluates the Learning Style.

Improves current skills & performance

Identifies the interest and inclination of the Students


11-12 Students

Recommends suitable course streams

Evaluates the learning style

Improves current skills & performance

Identifies the interest and inclination of the students

Resurface any hidden talents



Advises the suitable careers clusters

Identifies the personality and character traits

Recognizes the strengths and weaknesses

Assess the learning abilities

Understands the skills & abilities



Measures the IQ and EQ

Identify the stress responses

Recognizes the strengths and weaknesses

Understand the character traits and skills

Gauge the personality,behavioural traits and potentials

Careers We've Inspired

8 - 10 Students

11 - 12 Students



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it too early for me for career counselling?

Candidates who are opting career counseling in early stages of their education life cycle, will be having high ratio of success. You will be having enough time to plan and execute the suggestions. Before venturing into career, take informed career decision. It will save lots of time and money.

Who will be counselling me?

We are highest rated career counseling platform in India ( Source- Google reviews). Our empanelled career counselors are highly qualified, experienced and well trained. Our empaneled counselors have delivered more than 10,000 career counselings with highest ratings. Y

How can I make the payment?

We do not charge upfront for career assessment. Post completion of the assessment, you will be connected with best career counselor near you. You can pay directly to your career counselor through cash or online payment.

What is the duration of the career assessment?

Comprehensive career assessment takes around 45 minutes to 60 minutes to complete.

Once comprehensive report is activated, can I see analysis other career paths as well?

Yes, very much. This is the biggest advantage every student is having. Once assessment is done student can generate unlimited comprehensive 28+ pages comprehensive reports of different career paths. It is important to know you most preferred career paths but equally it is important to know about career paths that you should avoid or develop.

Do I need to give assessment once again for comprehensive analysis?

No, you do not need to give assessment again. Once assessment is done, you can upgrade any time. System will automatically analyze all career paths and generate comprehensive report. Our powerful Artificial intelligence engine will unlock all the career path analysis.