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How we look has kind of has an impact on how others perceive us. Just like the saying “first impression is the best impression”, the way we present ourselves in front of others is important especially, when attending official gatherings like meetings, interviews, and such.

We always strive to look the best and most presentable on such occasions. But Why?

When attending such occasions we are the face of our company. We are there to represent our company. So what they think of our company will be based on what they think of us. Just like that

With the internet connecting the world, the online presence of a company has become a factor that affects the growth of the company. Websites of a company are considered the face of the company and how it represents itself to the world. What they see on our website is how the world sees us. So creating lousy un-interactive websites have become a thing of the past, and UI/ UX is slowly conquering the cyberworld.

If you want to know more about UI/UX and how you can change the face of your company with UI/UX inclusion then keep reading.

P.S: You can also bookmark this page for future reference as your expedition with us is going to be as nerdy as it can get.

What are UI and UX?

UI AKA User Interface is a process of enhancing the appearance and how it interacts with the user. Each page, button or any visual element you see on your website is part of that website’s user interface. In simple terms, everything you see, touch, click and interact with is part of the user interface.

Whereas UX aka User Experience is the process of enhancing the overall user experience of the user when they interact with the website. The primary objective of this is to improve customer satisfaction allowing them to easily find what they are looking for and thereby improving customer retention. This creates a basic skeleton of the entire website and ensures user flow.

Why Do You Need UI/UX In Your Website?

So the most important purpose of a website with a good user experience is to increase sales and thereby growing the customer base. A good UI/UX of a website with an attractive UI that flows like a stream river is a showstopper that’ll steal the heart of the users and improve the customer experience.

According to reports the time that takes to attract a customers attention is about 8 seconds. After that, they either leaves or stays. So if you want to grab their attention in this short span, then having a website with a mindblowing UI/ UX is a must. If your website can or not catch the attention of the user is how you can know if your website is a success or not. If you are a startup or a flourishing company having a mindblowing website with amazing UI UX development are a must for the continued success of the enterprise.

Why Is UI/UX Important In Your Business?

So imagine if you are surfing for a product that’s not quite commonly available in the market. And at last, you found a site that sells that product after hours of searching. But that app has a broken UI, Missing information, zero reviews, a slow loading overall a terrible user experience. But the product you want to buy even has a discount. Would you buy it? Not, you’ll just assume it to be a fake site. Why? The bad user interface and user experience made the user believe that it is a bad site selling 'fake' products.

Now imagine if it was a website with better UI and UX, selling products no one else sells. The user will buy it without even thinking, trusting the website. Here in the first case, the bad UI gave the user a bad impression leading them to believe that it is a fake website, whereas in the second case the site gave the user a sense of authenticity through their well-crafted site leading the user to trust them, purchase from them and even come back to them if they need to buy something else. This is literally why your website is called the face of the company.

Let us give you some other reasons why your business should have a mind-blowing website with a good UI/UX design.

Build Brand Reputation

Investing in a good website is like investing in customer attraction. A good website that flows like a stream of a river is a stunner that snatches away the heart of the users. When a company efficient sells a product or a service to customers through a website with a good user interface, it gives off an aura of authenticity. This will make the user come back to that website again and attract customers in the long run. This will lead to creating a brand reputation that’ll influence your brand marketing.


An efficient UI UX website does not just have icons, buttons and designs that just look good. A website is the face of a company, so the designs they have, the elements they use and the colour of the website is a consistent factor used throughout the marketing of the website.

Improved Website Traffic

A good website and a good service attracts more customers and ensures customer retention. This will improve your overall website traffic thereby improving your overall SEO strategies.

Customer Satisfaction

A good user experience is an invitation for more users to visit your website. Why? A website that flows as smooth as butter, have a design that captures one’s mind and, a user experience that gives warmth to the heart is a factor that is stealing the heart of the user. This customer satisfaction will allow the user to come back again, and again and refer their site to their friends thereby improving sales, and even rank in the SEO.

Allows Users To Stay Hooked

Imagine a site with an awesome user interface that flows like a dream and gives such an amazing user experience that’ll make them come back again and again. That’s the power of good UI UX development and why you need to invest in a good UX/UI developer.

Time and Cost Effectiveness

Now you’d have probably understood the user experience importance in a website. So investing in such a well-built website is a smart choice that’ll save you a lot of time and money.

Best Practices to Create an Awesome Website

Ok! Now that you know what a UI/UX website is and why you need them. Now let’s discuss how you can incorporate some best UI/UX practices to take your website into the path of the corporate giants.

Visually appealing imagery

Some images have a kind of magic in them that attracts our eyes. As I said earlier, the time that takes to attract a customers attention is about 8 seconds. So designing your website in a way that is visually appealing to the eyes is one of the best ways to retain customers and attract more customers in.

Interactive Designs

Along with visually appealing images, an interactive design is another way to attract customers. An interactive design that connects with the customers not only promises customer retention but also customer satisfaction.

Limit page loading time

A long loading time is one of the utmost 'turn-offs' that makes the users close the website that instant. So what can you do to limit this loading time? You can do this by compressing images, reducing redirect, caching webpages and many other ways. Other than these methods you can also make your website even more exciting by adding quotes or fun facts on the loading page.

A Charming Call to Action

A website is considered lifeless if it doesn’t have a call to action. It is one of the best ways to connect with your users and make them want to scroll through your website. So don’t forget to add a catchy call to action.

A Glitch free website

A flowy website with a design that feels mesmerizing to the eyes. What more would you want?

But you suddenly got an error, and the whole page crashed. Nobody likes a website that keeps going down. Right? So make sure that your website is flawless in every way.

How to create the best experience for your user?

Here are some ahh-inspiring tips to connect with your audiences and, lead your company to triumph.

  • Understand what your audience wants.
  • Put yourself in ' your users' shoes and think 'would I be satisfied with such a user experience if I was the user'
  • Keep your webpage minimal
  • Offer what your audience wants
  • Make the whole process simple and user friendly
  • Don’t make your users feel confused
  • Keep the designs unique, and don't copy others.
  • Add a pop of psychology, colour patterns, and behaviour to your designs to connect with your audience.

A Final Word

Attracting users, maintaining user retention and, improving sales through the magic of a UI/UX website is something not everyone can achieve. Customers want quality and loyalty. If they feel like you are offering them something unique, something they deserve, they’ll come back to you and will stay loyal to you. So we hope that you found this blog useful and incorporate these thoughts when creating a web application UI or UI for mobile apps. If you want more tech-savvy content then stay tuned. Until next time… Adios…



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