Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

The future of tomorrow is Today! The Doorway to the cognitive universe awaits your arrival!!


An effortless way to carry out our daily life tasks and chores is something we all crave for. Let us help you connect to everyday objects for easy access to effortless communication with your friends and families with IoT. Bestow the comfort you seek with the aid of IoT.

Machine Learning

All those fictional movies out there have played an immense part in building curiosity for Robots, Humanoids and Cyborgs. To take this interest to the next level, we at Oracular strive to transform your creativity into reality with the magic of machine learning.

Data Science

From waking up to bedtime, data keeps passing through our eyes like a gust of wind. Be it the television or the social media, we love surfing through it. Data is always around us. Even though we use trillions of data, there is an immense ocean of unorganized data left behind unused. At oracular, we strive to extract knowledge and meaningful insights from these data and make effective decisions in various domains.


( Brain Computer Interface )

Imagine how fun it would be if you can turn off a television just by thinking about it. This is what a BCI does, uh! not turning off the TV. The communication between a human mind and a machine. Here at Oracular, we efficiently use BCI technology to measure the characteristics and talents of a person by evaluating their brain signals and monitor them with a machine.


From using physical cash and coins to online payments, technology has completely conquered our minds and life with its cinch and ease. Blockchain has an entirely different concept as compared to online payments. It uses bitcoins, a type of cryptocurrency and keeps an entire ledger to keep track of the transactions.