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Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer to think and act intelligently. A normal person would explain artificial intelligence as such but is this it? To tell you the truth, no.

Artificial intelligence is an extension or variation of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent aspects in computing systems. AI creates effortless opportunities for machines to assess certain factors from experiences, adjust to new inputs and perform human-adjacent tasks. Unlike other technologies, artificial intelligence is much more than just a field of computers, it is our future.

Artificial intelligence is a topic that has been widely discussed over the past few decades and, soo many companies are making that dream come true. 'Robots that walk among us' reminds me of the movie iRobot portrayed by Will Smith. It gives you an idea of how life will be living with highly intelligent robots. Even though it shows a post-technological era where humans and robots cohabit together, a lot of theories suggest that if we don’t take the needful precautions, even the tiniest flaw can lead to an apocalypse.

As there are a lot of theories that showcase the dark sides of artificial intelligence, there is a positive side too. Artificial intelligence can bring a lot of change to the world to make it a better place. Although there are many misconceptions regarding AI taking over the world, what I believe is that through AI we can explore a lot of areas that humans can’t even think of. There are a lot of opportunities that can open up using AI, like exploring space, mining, digging fuel, and many other hostile environments that can injure or kill humans.

His story behind ‘Can machines think?’

Can a machine think? A revolutionary question by Alan Turing culminated and led to the inception of AI. Turing's paper on ‘computer machinery and intelligence(1950)’ along with the Turing test has become one of the colossal turning points to today's technological era of artificial intelligence. In the paper, he defines criteria for determining machine intelligence. To determine the intelligence of a machine, he proposed a test called ‘The Turing test’. In the test, there are three players A, B, and C. A is a computer, B is a person and, C is an interrogator. C, the interrogator, is unable to see either player A or player B. Then C asks A and B questions. And C has to determine who is human and which is a machine.

Artificial intelligence is nothing new but a technology that has been evolving since 1950. The advancement of AI is continuously pacing at an extremely high rate. If this ideology persists we can soon witness an era where humans and robots walk together.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Humans exhibit a certain level of cognitive abilities like decision-making, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, reading abilities, and a lot more. These abilities are what make humans intelligent. To acquire these abilities our brain has to process the information received from the body. This is the same concept behind Artificial intelligence.

Through AI we are creating a simulation of ourselves and, AI is emulating this information. The vital aim behind creating artificial intelligence was to make a difference in the world. So there are an immense amount of benefits to artificial intelligence.

  • AI would have a low error rate as compared to humans. If coded properly, AI would have incredible speed, accuracy, and speed.
  • AI can replace humans in repetitive tedious tasks in many onerous places of works.
  • AI can be used as personal virtual assistants as they can predict what a user will type, ask, search or do.
  • Since AI won’t be affected by hostile environments, they would be able to explore new places and accomplish dangerous tasks that can injure or even kill a human.
  • Using AI we have an opportunity to explore many untapped places like space, mines, and oceanic trenches.
  • AI can be used to interact with humans. Pet robots, avatars can be used for interacting with humans for entertainment purposes.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

The Applications of Artificial Intelligence are limitless. AI has significantly evolved over the past years and has made its way into almost all business sectors.


AI can be used to create recommendation engines through which you can engage with your customers more efficiently. The recommendations are made according to their browsing history, preference, and interests. These recommendation systems can be used to improve customer relationships and their loyalty towards the brand. AI can also be used as a virtual assistant to help you with your shopping. One other benefit of AI on e-commerce is that it can be used to find credit card frauds and fake reviews.


AI is heavily used by uber and many other logistic companies to improve operational efficiencies, analyze road traffics and optimize road routes. The technology uses a combination of CNN and GNN which helps to make lives easier for the users by automatically identifying the number of lanes, road type behind the obstruction.


AI-powered robots use real-time updates to sense obstacles on their journey and preplans their journey instantly. This type of robot can be used for carrying goods and products in factories and hospitals, Cleaning offices, and inventory services.

Health Care

Health care uses many sophisticated AI applications to detect diseases and cancerous cells. With the medical data of patients, AI can be used for the early diagnosis of chronic illnesses and diseases. With the help of medical intelligence and the combination of historic data, AI can be also used to find new drugs.


Another sector where AI has set its prominence is the gaming industry. Introducing AI to the gaming industry has been one of the best accomplishments ever made. Rockstar Games have patented a new feature for their upcoming title ‘GTA 6’. Through AI, Take-Two studios will enable Non-Playable Characters (NPC) to react to changes in weather and specific circumstances. AI has made gaming more interactive and something more to embrace.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some social media platforms that widely use AI. Instagram uses AI to consider your likes and followers to determine what to show on your explore page. Whereas Facebook uses AI along with a tool named DeepText to understand conversations better. This can be used to translate posts from different languages. Twitter uses AI to detect fraud, hateful comments and remove propaganda. Twitter also uses AI to recommend tweets to users based on the type of tweets they engage with.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence comes in different types. They are classified into three according to their capabilities and functionalities.

Weak AI

Weak AI is the most common type of AI out there. It is also known as narrow AI or Artificial Narrow intelligence. Any AI that focuses on doing only one task is called a narrow AI or a weak AI. The aim of a weak AI is not to mimic human intelligence, rather it is to simulate human behavior. Rather than a smart machine, weak AI is more like an intelligent specialist. It is highly intelligent in the specific task it is programmed to do.

Strong AI

A strong AI or general AI is referred to as a machine that exhibits human-like intelligence. So it is expected to react and behave just like a human would do.

A common misconception about 'smart' AI is that since it reacts and behaves like a human, so it can take over the world and enslave humans. As far as today, we are only capable of building AI that can do only what they are programmed to do. As for strong AI, we are a long way off.

Super AI

Super AI is an AI that surpasses human intelligence and it can do anything to everything. It is best at everything like maths, science, medicine. Even the most intelligent human can compete with the super AI. With such intelligence, a super AI can enslave humans if they want to. But don’t worry, a super AI is not likely to exist for an exceedingly long time.

“AI taking over the world”

AI Taking over the world is one of the most discussed controversies of all time. Even the movies are portraying similar ideas. But is it something to be worried about? As I already mentioned, with our technologies we are nowhere near creating a super-intelligent AI. But technology is an area that is continuously growing every day. So it is possible for us to create a superintelligent AI in the near decades.

AI taking over the world is something to be worried about if we don’t take the necessary precautions. “AI is either the best thing or the worst thing to happen to humanity.” These are the lines of Stephen Hawkings. Just like he said, AI can do so much to change the world and make it a better place. But what we are doing is creating a super-intelligent being that has so much potential and intelligence than us. AI safety is a field that is created to ensure that AI is deployed in ways that don’t cause harm to humanity.

Coexisting and implementing AI is one of the fundamental things to do in the coming Cognitive Era. A new age is to come to fruition. Are you ready?

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